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Herbalife is a leader in developing the most advanced weight-management, nutritional and personal-care products. By combining the best of nature with advanced science, Herbalife is at the forefront of maximising personal health.

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Daily & Targeted Nutrition

To maximise your health and fitness goals, begin with Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Multivitamin Complex. With these products at the core of your programme, you can add in other products that address your specific health goals.

Herbalife offers you a variety of targeted products that build on a foundation of Cellular Nutrition (Formula 1 and Multivitamin Complex). Whatever your stage in life, Herbalife’s Targeted Nutrition products give you the right balance of nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

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Weight Management and Programmes

The Herbalife range of quality products aims to provide the elements every body needs on a daily basis to maintain optimum health. Herbalife maximises your nutrition intake through unique formulations and select, high quality ingredients.

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Energy & Fitness

Fuel your body and fuel your potential with Herbalife’s Energy and Fitness products. These products are specially formulated to help you get ahead at work and play with stamina to spare.

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Personal Care

Personal Care / Outer Nutrition products build on the foundation of optimum nutrition to soothe, smooth and noticeably improve skin and hair, which help enhance your overall well-being.

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